365 to Manifest



Law of Attraction

Over the next 365 days, I will be putting the theories of the Law of Attraction to the test to see what does and does not work for me. This will be a regularly documented experiment in directed thought and intention setting.

Aural Streaming

Snippets of dreams, readings, prayer and other elements of spirit .

Conscious Creative

As the last 25 years of my life, spent in an odd mixture of environmental activism and abysmally unsuccessful corporate jobs, comes to a close, the next dawns a return to my heart-centered path–being a writer and mother. To date, I have written Witch of Whidbey Isle and the Mack Morgan Mysteries series. The concepts for these stories have been decades in the making and will be published soon. www.hennemanhousepublishing.com

The Kitchen Sink

Life Happens. This is the space where I will likely rant and ramble about it.


Hi! My name is Nicole. I have no idea whether anyone will ever stumble onto this blog but I am using it for my own experimentation with reclaiming and reinventing my life. I cannot say I have been successful–I was barely keeping my head above water. I thought I had checked off all of the boxes–college degree, husband and good jobs but I found myself drifting from job to job, a failed marriage and had none of the trappings we normally use to define “success.” I used food and media as means of escape rather than taking responsibility for my choices and my life.

So here I am. Instagram-worthy yummy mummy I am not. I am middle-aged, no career, no retirement, renting an apartment with my husband and young son and trying to see my way through to the (as yet unknown) next chapter in my life. Life is a blessing and I am truly grateful for all I do have. Still, I need to pay bills and build a good life for my family. As part of this journey, I am not only going to experiment with the law of attraction but also prayer and using my dreams and ideals as a compass. I have always pushed to make things happen and all of those actions have blown up in my face. I played it too safe and have ended up with lots of regrets. Sure, it would be easy to just accept things how they are but I have an example to set for my son…and for myself. This blog is ultimately an experiment in learning to let go and let God.

Why all the mountain imagery? Well, some of it came with the template, sure, but it’s also a metaphor for the journey. Life isn’t a marathon. It is a quest to climb a mountain higher than Everest. Sometimes you land the perfect conditions, the best guides and all of the top notch gear. Right now I’ve got a second-hand travel book from 1956, a pair of old tennis shoes, an asthma inhaler, and a lot of faith. Let’s see how I do.

What are you waiting for?